New Life Foundation

New life Foundation is a complete social service organization started by a group of committed social entrepreneurs.our mission is to provide sheltor and food to the orphan children,the destitute and homeless . Importantly, we aim to realize (have realized) thge basic rights of orphan children by providing them food,education , safe , health care and support .Our orphanage in Hyderabad feed and care for over 200 homeless children , 

The future of the nation depends on how we care for our children and the quality of life we provide them. the family and society have an important role to play in turning each child into a sucessful citizen . At New Life, we are unanimous t0 say , that the orphan child belongs to the family. our sincere efforts are not only to provide care and love to the orphaned child , but also help the child to become part of a family , and re-unite with their siblings and community .

1.To provide care and affection to orphans ,, diseased, destitute women, and physically challenged , unconditionally.

2.To provide every opportunity to orphan children to lead a normal life of fear,hunger,hatred,distrust and disease.

The expenditure of ‘New Life Foundation’ per month is as follows:

S.No Items Required Approximately Donation
1 Rice 250kgs-10bags*1400 14,000
2 Breakfast 7,000
3 vegetable Oil 5000
4 Coconut oil 3000
5 Eggs(three times ina week) 3000
6 Non-Veg(Chicken,Mutton) 8000
7 Milk 3000
8 Cooking Gas 3550
9 snacks 6000
10 pulses 7000
11 Soaps,detergents,Personal Care 6000
12 Other Provisions 5500
13 Stationary 2000
14 School Fee & Exam Fees 20000
15 medical Expenditures 3500
16 Hair Cutting 1300
17 Electricity Bill 2500
18 Water Bill 1000
19 Staff Salary (2people) 15000
20 Miscellaneous Expenditure 5000
21 Rent 14000
Approx Total 1,35,350


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Nakka Kaushik(Presdent )

Unnam Ranjith Kumar (Vice Presden )

B.Siddhardha (General Secretary)

Katta Dinesh (Joint Secretary)

Manichander Raj (Treasurer)

Sarangula Venkanna (Executive Member )

Nina Nikhel (Executive Member )

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