New Life Foundation

  • To equip them with all the necessary house furniture and utensils; supervise their regular school attendance and performance; proper meal service; sanitation and health condition. 
  • To hand over the children to their mothers, who stayed in prison, when their mothers are released. 
  • To enable them to get education from KG-university by providing them with the basic educational needs in the field of academic and vocational trainings on the basis of the curriculum set by the country. 
  • To enable them to acquire proper social services; and make them completely free form any abuses; and be equal to the privileged peer groups in the physical, emotional, social, mental and – spiritual dimensions, so as to attain full development. 
  • To render guidance and counseling services and life skill trainings, so as to show the right direction and get rid of the bad habits they used to exercise previously, and finally, HOH’s youth will be most wanted citizens, well educated, present leadership successors, productive and patriots of the country. 


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Today, NEW LIFE FOUNDATION remembers all those who are instrumental in the establishment and remarkable growth of NEW LIFE FOUNDATION in helping the vulnerable and bringing about change in their lives.

They are surely happy now and we are very grateful to those of you who have and have been providing a helping hand for the good run and accomplishment of the NEW LIFE FOUNDATION along with the present inmates and others who were once and now the inmates of the NEW LIFE FOUNDATION living happy lives.

Once again, we thank you all and encourage you to kindly continue to perform the duties of the NEW LIFE FOUNDATION.